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Poggio delle Civitelle

It is surrounded by woodland ideal for relaxing walks. There are remains of an ancient convent, “Monastero del Monte”, known as “Monastero delle Civitelle” built in 1198.

In this convent Benedectine nuns lived until 1555, after which the Cardinal Farnese destroyed it. There is also the most recent sanctuary, “Santuario Madonna della Valle”, that they built in 1921. It is a destination that many pilgrims decide to visit every year as a place full of religious significance.

Poggio delle Civitelle of Agricola Antinori has created a place for you to holiday, relax and enjoy the natural environment. The ease of access, its closeness to some of Umbria’s best known tourist attractions and its magnificent view from Montefalco to Assisi makes it one of the most unique destination of its type.